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Secret #1 – If something hasn't worked for you in the past…why keep doing it?

Learning this secret was vital to our success and saved our dying business. For several years we wasted our time and money trying to “force” something to work that proved it did not work after several months! If you're placing ads in newspapers or holding meetings and it is not helping to build your downline…stop doing it!

We have seen so many people put themselves out of business by not following this simple rule. Don't try and reinvent the wheel and think that it will work if you've tried it and failed using the same technique in the past. However, if something is working, but to a limited degree and it can be improved upon and attempted again, then that's fine. There is nothing wrong with being creative and trying different techniques to build your downline…in fact in business you will fail if you are not thinking outside the box.

The point is if something is not building your downline…stop doing it and move onto more productive things.

Secret # 2 - Begin learning positioning tactics. This is the most powerful marketing tool on the face of the planet that any MLM business owner should learn to master.

By using positioning tactics that attract prospects you will be able to build your downline like never before. Establishing yourself as an expert in your industry is a pivotal point in achieving success.

Secret # 3 - Learn how to incorporate the 3 marketing mediums that will breathe new life into your business and make MLM downline building easy.

The written word – how would you like to build your downline by enrolling associates into your business without ever speaking with them? Articles, sales letters and blogs all use the written word to attract prospects. By mastering the written word and using copy to create attractive messages you can build your downline in no time.

The internet – this is an incredible tool. But you need to know how to use it properly. Having a website isn't necessarily going to generate prospects. You need to know your audience, the website needs to connect with your prospect, and you need to know how to get targeted visitors to the website that already want what you have. Once mastered this becomes a very powerful tool for fast MLM downline building.

The phone – when you have prospects that want to speak with you and have already displayed an interest in what you have, the phone becomes a cheap and efficient tool to build your downline profitably. This is a crucial element that is required for success.

Secret # 4 - Stop believing everything you hear. To build your downline by adding large numbers of prospects takes work – hard work and lots of it. There is no magic pill or overnight success.

1. Upgrade your downline members from being a students, to becoming teachers. That's the primary goal of
mentoring. When the student finally transforms into a teacher and and expert on his own, you can say that you have done a good job with the mentoring process. Other MLM "leaders" choose to be the sole expert in the team and ends up doing everything. This is not good. Sure it will garner lots of recognition for you but it will not a build a growing team. You have to throw the spotlight on others.

2. Never try to explain the overcomplicated stuff to your team members. Focus On Motivating Them And Providing Supporting Information Only. Trying to explain ALL the nuts of bolts of a network marketing business is one of the greatest mistakes that uplines commit. You see, we all have a tendency to over-explain things and tell people HOW to run their business. We are so eager to tell them how to effectively run a pay per click advertising campaign, or show them in detail how to close sales, and tell them some loopholes in the pay plan that you can take advantage of. Trying to focus on these details will overwhelm your team members. Your main responsibility is to provide motivation, supporting information, and goal orientation for your team. If you become too lost with specific "how to's" of growing a business, your people will never develop their unique way of doing things.

There are so many tips and effective concepts for building a huge team. Remember, MLM is not a techie or intellectual is a people business. It's all about heart. Motivation, desire, love, and passion are the forces that fuel people to take action. When they have the fire within their souls, they will accomplish anything. They will find ways to sponsor batches of new distributors to your team. 

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